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Change facilitating products by Paul Mckenna

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As has been referred in Mind transformations, Paul Mckenna is an English change facilitator with notable results.

He has stopped working individually with regular clients for some time now, but he does have some massively distributed products that can be a great first foray into change work and mentality.

There are a plethora of books he has authored, like Change your life in 7 days. And it is his record sets that can easily be the most beneficial, though. A lot of research and references go into his products, authors and bibliography are mentioned, so on the subjects you find most interesting and intriguing you can take it from there and find as much information as you wish. The concepts, ideas, evidence and insights into how we work as persons, and how does our mentality determine our results will make huge differences for most people because of their novelty and power. Its hypnopedic method will also have a huge impact on you and your outlook on life, just give it a try. – Positivity – and – Success for life – are products that encompass all of his concepts and are thus highly commendable. Others like – Deep relaxation – and – Sleep like a log – are more specific but worth checking out.

Hypnopedia works as follow, for 21-30 consecutive days, before you go to sleep just start play of the track of interest at an almost inaudible level, go to sleep as normal and that’s all. Your subconscious does everything from there.


Change your life in 7 days.

These and other related materials can be easily found in online stores and is physical stores around the world. Benefit from them and enjoy.

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Mind transformations

Check out all my posts on mentality, high performance and excellence in the welcome and index.

Paul Mckenna is an English hypnotist and change facilitator. As it seems he didn’t follow an academic path to where he is at. Mckenna started out and grew as a radio personality, learned of hypnosis through radio interviews he carried out, went into performing stage hypnosis and then learned of Richard Bandler and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and went into change work.

In working with NLP, he follows the routes of a lineage of people who work facilitating change, and who generate amazing results by unconventional means. NLP was initially modeled after the practices of Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Milton Erickson; it was co-created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. NLP expands from those facilitators’, and also incorporates additional techniques and insights. Mckenna, as one of Richard Bandler’s top pupils, also adds further tools to his work, but he is not an innovator in proper, he only assimilates from diverse sources.

Everyone tends to think they have massive problems, but in watching the cases portrayed in Mckenna’s show, a lot of people will think differently. Not only will most peoples’ discomforts, fears and obstinacies be taken more in perspective, but also a lot of heart will be drawn from these episodes for everyone to pursue bettering themselves.

These patients are commendable for their courage in tacking their problems, but also because of the bravery to have their processes be made public. As the show duly states, these people were considered incurable cases, and many had undergone years of therapy without showing significant change. Mckenna takes these cases with unwavering belief, proceeds with panache and you’ll be able to watch the results and judge for yourselves. Just check out episode 1, case 2 with Matt, which starts at about 16:00, you can then draw your own conclusions and always come back to the other episodes as time allows.

This show by Mckenna is very cool, the format is agile and informative, production is impeccable and perfectly planned in advance for they film everything of relevance to the cases, and I absolutely love the music they play; it’s a fine selection of late 90’s and early 00’s British house, acid jazz and rock.


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